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Hello and welcome...
This is the home of an online community with a difference. 

Connecting with one another is a natural part of being human, yet
there is a level of disconnect in our relationships. At this time, our need to come together is clear.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is used here and across the world to build bridges and to reconnect.

We bring together practitioners of NVC to build our capacity for empathy and authenticity, so we can all contribute to a world of connection and unity.

We are from different backgrounds, from all over the world engaged and hopeful for a world where all our needs matter.

We have the power to create the conditions for peace.

What is it for?

Social networking is part of our lives yet rarely actually brings people closer. Our aim is to set up an alternative, a space to meet and learn together a space built on compassion. Where we learn that all our contributions matter.

What members say about the benefits of being here:

Your host:

Shona is a Psychologist + Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

Her first NVC training was with Marshall Rosenberg in 2004.

Shona shares Nonviolent Communication to bring us closer together as a worldwide community, to give us the trust we can build a world where everyone's needs matter... and make life more fun!

Why use Nonviolent Communication?

Learning the skills of NVC brings trust and connection and from there anything is possible.

In the absence of anyone coming to rescue us, maybe we are all activists now?

With every conversation, we have a chance to do something powerful.

Let's take one example affecting us all: Our scientists tell us urgent global action is needed on the climate and we are going to need to work together.  Yet we seem to be more polarised than ever.

What if we could see beyond our

 differences and embrace what connects us?

New to Nonviolent Communication? 

We know it can be daunting to be new and step into the unknown. Most of us have been educated to believe we are not 'good enough' or to believe there is something wrong with us...whatever your level of Nonviolent Communication you will be welcome.

What we do inside

Joining this community will give you:

  • Access to groups with your same interests
  • Weekly free empathy calls
  • Access to videos and resources
  • News of upcoming trainings and offers
  • Chances to meet trainers and ask questions.
  • Places to ask questions and get support
  • Chances to form your own interest groups  

When you give yourself the attention this work needs, your growth is inevitable.

Membership is £12 per month(first month free) 

With instant access to Shona's Nonviolent Communication Learning Journal

Any Questions?

Email us at [email protected] and Shona will get back to you.

It's like Facebook or social network inside without the algorithms!

PLUS!!!! You also get access to the  MightyNetworks app - go to your App store and search for 'Mighty Networks' to download it, or click the link at the bottom of this screen. We recommend getting to know the community on a computer so that you can see and use all the features, but having the app is great! Nonviolent Communication at your fingertips!

"Our dream is to see a world built on relationships and community, where we all live in deep and respectful harmony with our planet and each other" Shona 

Not sure if this is for you?

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