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Nonviolent Communication community to meet others for inspiration and support to grow 🌱

This is an online community where we practise Nonviolent Communication.

Increasing our skills of empathy and authenticity through mentoring, peer support, weekly Empathy Breakfast, live journaling spaces, training and more. 

Meeting together from all over the world, engaged and hopeful for a world where all our needs matter. Here is support, community and connection. Come inside and meet others.



Your host:

Hi! I'm Shona, my first training was with Marshall Rosenberg in 2004. I've been learning and sharing Nonviolent Communication internationally since this time. I enjoy collaborating with others to build a world that works for all. I'm an Assessor for the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

I worked as a psychologist in schools and my superpower is making Nonviolent Communication sound authentic anywhere!

New to NVC? 

All are welcome, let me know if you'd like to learn more about this practice: [email protected]

What we do:

Join this community to:

  • Meet people and connect instantly with others bringing Nonviolent Communication to for e.g. schools, families and organisations 
  • Take part in a weekly community Empathy Breakfast- to refill and refuel
  • Access to resources and courses- keep yourself motivated and on track
  • Be the first to hear news of upcoming training and offers
  • Take part in monthly calls to meet Certified Trainers
  • Find a safe space to ask questions and get support
  • You can also practise making requests or create your own interest groups  
What members say about the benefits of being here:

Choose a plan below:  find a variety of ways to learn:

 What you can expect: 

  • Empathy Breakfast 815 UK/ 915 CET

Every Wednesday Morning- our weekly dose of empathy

  • Meet the Trainer (once a month)

 Listen and ask questions and be inspired: 

April 2022 we met Magiari from Venezuela:


  • Plus: Every Sunday: Journalling Space

👇🏻👇🏼Curious what's inside? Press play! 👇🏽👇🏿

Membership is £12.00 / €14.50 per month (first month free) 

All the above events and community plus: instant access to Shona's Nonviolent Communication Learning Journal. 

Get started with journalling the Nonviolent Communication way.

Money request: please consider the money as a way to support this platform to thrive and to support Shona. Sharing Nonviolent Communication is her full time job.


You also get access to the  MightyNetworks app - go to your App store and search for 'Mighty Networks' to download it, or click the link at the bottom of this screen. We recommend getting to know the community on a computer so that you can see and use all the features, but having the app is great! Nonviolent Communication at your fingertips!

Access to the Community 🕺🏻
+ Downloadable Journal 📝
+ Regular Free events 💥 
+ An App for instant NVC!📱

= £12 a month.

Any Questions?

Email: [email protected] 

It's like Facebook or social network inside without the algorithms!

Shona Cameron MSc 

Psychologist and International Trainer 

in Nonviolent Communication 

Assessor for CNVC via  NVC Journey Foundation

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