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Hello and welcome...

This the home of our online community and you are welcome to join. We are people from very different backgrounds, from all over the world engaged and hopeful for a world where all our needs matter. 

We are learning to connect across differences and liberate ourselves and each other from conditioning. 

We are learning and practising Nonviolent Communication


In the absence of anyone coming to rescue us, maybe we are all activists now? And that activism sees every conversation as a chance to do something powerful with kindness and the intention to connect?

Let's take one example affecting us all: Our scientists tell us urgent global action is needed on the climate and yet we seem to be more polarised than ever. 

Maybe you wonder like we do "Shouldn't we all be doing something....and what do I have to offer and...where to begin?" We believe that community is the beginning.

 You are not alone with this deep sense that we are meant to live very differently than we do .....and nor should you try and learn NVC on your own. 

Welcome if you are new here. We know it can be daunting to try something and step into the unknown. Most if us have been educated in ways where we wonder if we are 'good enough' or to believe there is something wrong with us....It's going to take all of us to step up and use our collective skills and wisdom to turn this around......and we want to do it together.

Your hosts:

Shona and Sandrine live in Scotland and are a couple who get a chance to practise Nonviolent Communication every day

Sandrine is from France and a coach and facilitator with a background in teaching.

Shona is Psychologist + Certified NVC Trainer, coach and Assessor. Her first NVC training was with Marshall Rosenberg in 2004.

Between them they have over 22 years experience of using and applying Nonviolent Communication.

This community will give you the:

  • opportunity to meet others also learning. 
    • a chance for you to lean into support and each other
  • space to explore and enrich your learning in many different ways, at your own pace, during a workshop, by watching videos, by following a course by taking part every week in our free events.

Just think how much integration you will get in just a few weeks? When you give yourself the attention this work needs your growth is inevitable.

Here we:
Harness the power of dialogue* as an antidote to violence, both inside and out.
* honest, empathic, warm, curious, openhearted dialogue

Membership is currently free.

Or you can choose a plan which gives you access to different levels of membership via a course or our Nonviolent Communication Learning Journal. These plans have their own smaller communities for you to be part of.

Any Questions?

Email us at info@shonacameron.com and either Shona or Sandrine will get back to you.

What we do here:

🦒 We learn and practise Nonviolent Communication, one of the most powerful multi faceted tools to help us to (re) connect.

🦒 Find feedback and support when things get tough

🦒 Meet each other regularly, and we do so with depth and connection.

🦒 You are welcome to Empathy Breakfast every week, to learning circles, workshops and community events.

🦒 Test out the universality of NVC by meeting people from all over the world, network around shared interests. 

It's like a facebook or social network inside without the algorithms!

You also get access to the  MightyNetworks app - go to your App store and search for 'Mighty Networks' to download it, or click the link at the bottom of this screen. We recommend getting to know the community on a computer so that you can see and use all the features, but having the app is great!

"Our dream is to see a world built on relationships and community, where we all live in deep and respectful harmony with our planet and each other" Shona and Sandrine

Not sure if this is for you?

👇🏻👇🏼Curious what's inside? Press play! 👇🏽👇🏿


The first step is having the intention to do things differently, so thank you for all you do already to chose compassion.

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